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Cosmetic Dentistry, Including Dental Implants for Victoria, BC

We provide our patients with comprehensive modern dental care. The traditional model of dentistry was reparative, where we try to be more preventive. We understand that the best dentistry is the dental care that can be avoided. As such, our practice is focused on the avoidance of disease and the restoration of health.

For most people, very little dental care beyond regular check-ups and visits to the hygienist to remove calculus are needed. However, there are times when it is necessary to make interventions to treat or prevent disease. We offer the best service that we can from a training and technological perspective. It is important to us that we are able to treat the majority, who need very little dental work , as well as be able to assist those who need more advanced care. Looking for cosmetic dentistry here in Victoria? we have trained at some of the best dental training institutes in the world to learn to address and properly treatment plan more challenging cases. We also constantly update the technology at My Victoria Dentist to be able to implement this level of care.

You will find that we offer more services than most general dentists including cosmetic dentistry here in Victoria BC. Many of the services that we offer are usually only provided by specialists. We understand that it is frustrating and expensive to have your treatment referred out by your general dentist. Because of this, we offer more advanced care treatment in house such as gum surgery, implants, and sinus augmentation surgery. However, this has not completely eliminated the need to refer out treatment. In some cases, the best care can be provided by another clinician. For those cases, we work with an excellent group of local specialists whom we trust to provide excellent care for our patients.