A modern dental office that offers leading edge dentistry in a family atmosphere.


My Victoria Dentist's services

Our Services

We provide our patients with comprehensive modern dental care. The traditional model of dentistry was reparative, where we try to be more preventive. We understand that the best dentistry is the dental care that can be avoided. Our practice is focused on the avoidance of disease and the restoration of health.

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My Victoria Dentist's esthetic services

Function & Esthetics

Most of us are imperfect creatures, and often the function and esthetics of our teeth could be improved. This would be less of a problem if we were able to grow new adult teeth at some point in our lives. Regrettably, we are not so lucky and after years of abuse our teeth can start to break down.

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My Victoria Dentist's technology

Our Technology

Being current on the technology available to treat and diagnose dental disease is fundamental to providing responsible dental care to our patients. You can be confident that as new advancements are made we will make them available for the benefit of the people in our care.

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The driving philosophy of this dental practice is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible while providing responsible, state of the art care.

We understand that not everybody enjoys visiting the dentist.  So, we try to eliminate or minimize those parts of the experience that people don’t like as well as create an environment where people can be comfortable.  This can be small things such as having comfortable chairs and a relaxing décor to more substantial such as investing heavily in training and technology to provide the best in modern care.

We try to make a departure from the traditional model of dentistry which focused on identifying and repairing problems when they occur.  Too often, with this approach, the repair is made and the patient is told to brush and floss more often.  This is an approach that is neither accurate or effective.  Instead we focus on identifying risk and the avoidance of problems.

The four basic risk categories that we look at are the mechanical state of the teeth, the health of the surrounding gums and bone, the health and function of the jaw joint, and esthetic issues.  Each category carries its own set of strategies to address concerns and decrease risk.  However, all four categories factor into planning treatment as all inter-relate with each other.

Most people need very little intervention to decrease risk.  However, often early identification of a potential problem and a small intervention can avoid large problems and significant interventions later.  There are times when the opportunity for early intervention has been missed or simply wasn’t possible and conditions require more complex treatment.  By dedicating ourselves to advanced training in dental procedures and treatment planning, we can offer complex, comprehensive care to all of our patients whether the needs are basic or complicated.